.Argentine-Portuguese designer and artist.
His works range from Painting to Art Installation.

He also deals with Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Mobile Design,
Art Designs and Designs, Scenographies, Costumes, Art Design, Jewelery Design and Fashion Design.
He has collaborated with prestigious magazines, newspapers and television broadcasters,
theater productions, classical dance and contemporary dance shows.

Creator of various brands, has worked on the development of fashion collections and various products; he has worked on numerous graphic design projects.
In Argentina, Paraguay and Italy.

His researches, in painting and in environmental installations, focus on primordial and archetypal themes.
His work is to be understood as an extensive investigation into the four elements of nature as the roots of all immutable and eternal things.

Elements that are at the basis of processes of sensitive perceptions and knowledge flows, in the physical and metaphysical structure of man.

The four elements as the basis of real sensations are articulated in terms of Cohesion, Measurement of Space and Time – Water. Solidity and inertia – Earth. Expansion and Brightness – Air. Heat, completeness, totality and regeneration – Fire.

Chromaticity and chromatic energy, material vibrations and organic “texture” are its field of intervention.
He currently lives and works between Italy and Argentina.

Exhibitions made in Europe and United States:


  • 2022 October. Palma de Mallorca Spain 24/10 at 5/11
    Casa del Arte di Palma de Mallorca Illes Balears Spain
    2PALMA  1.0 “– ArtBox. Project
  • 2022 October. Rome (Italy)  14/10 at31/10
    “HÙMUS”. RAW (La settimana di Arte Contemporanea) .Biblioteca Angelica- Gallery.
    Personal Exibition .Paintings and Multisensory Installation. Collaboration of  Niccolò Di Ferdinando ( ANTIFIGURE) in sound and editing.
    Curator Maila Buglioni
  • 2022 March  02/03 at12/03 Milano (Italy)
    “MULTITUDE “.Fondazione Luciana Matalon.Personal Exhibition.Paintings.
    Curator Anna Isopo.
  • 2022 January  20/01 at10/02 Mantova (Italy)
    “SYNESTHESIA ” Museo Francesco Gonzaga.
    Curator Anna Isopo.
  • 2021 November Miami Florida USA.  20/11 at 05/12
    “SCOPE MIAMI BEACH “ International Contemporay Art Fair”
  • 2021 October :  Innsbruck (Austria)  28/10 at31/10
    “ART INSBRUCK “ “International Kunstmesse”
  • 2021 October  Rome (Italy) 20 at 30/10.
    “LUMINESCENZA ” RAW la settimana di Arte Contemporanea” Rome Art Week  Biblioteca Angelica – Gallery..
    Personal Exhibition .Paintings and sound video Installation . Collaboration of  Niccoló Di Ferdinando(ANTIFIGURE) ( video and sound).
  • 2021 September. Nazzano Lazio (Italy)  26/09
    Riserva Naturale Tevere Farfa.
    Curator  Guido D’Angelo.
  • 2021 September  Nazzano Lazio (Italy)   26/09
    Riserva Naturale Tevere Farfa.
    “SEGNO E NATURA ” Laboratorio #Walking# Sketching.
    Curators  Guido D’Angelo e Lorenzo Cappella.
  • 2021  Nazzano Lazio (Italy)  24 at 31/07.
    Museo del Fiume.
    Curator Guido D’Angelo.
  • 2021 July  Madrid (Spain )  17 at29/07
    Ateneo de Madrid- Sala Prado.
    “INFINITY ART ”. International Exibition of Contemporary Art
    Curator  Anna Isopo.
  • 2021 June  Rome (Italy)  19/06 at 01/07 Museo Crocetti.
    “DIALOGO TRA  LE ANTITESI ” Protagonisti Contemporanei.
    Curator  Anna Isopo.
    critics by art historian  Laura Turco Livieri.
  • 2021 June Rome (Italy) 10 at 22/06.
    Ambasciata della Repubblica Araba D’Egitto.
    “IN CONTEMPORANEA “” Arte tra sperimentazione e ricerca.”
    Curator Anna Isopo.
    Critics by art historian  Laura Turco Livieri.
  • 2021 May  Roma (Italy) dal 17 al 25/05.
    Palazzo della Cancelleria Vaticana
    “TRAME CONTEMPORANEE” Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea.
    Curator Anna Isopo.
    Critics by : Cinzia Folcarelli
  • 2021 Partecipation :” Annuario d’Arte Moderna e Artisti Contemporanei “2021 ACCA Edizione Roma Srl.
  • 2020 October : Rome 20/10 at 31/10
    “IL TEMPO SOSPESO ” RAW .”La settimana di Arte Contemporanea” Rome art Week
    Biblioteca Angelica-Gallery
    Curator  Roberta Melasecca.
  • 2020 October : Berlin. Germany. 02/10 at 10/10
    Group Exibitions Contemporary Art  .Mostra Internazionale di arte Contempotanea.
    By Anna Isopo.
  • 2020 September :Florence (Italy)  04/09 at 18/09/20  Museo Bellini.
    “GENESIS ” Mostra Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea.
    Presentation of Cinzia Folcarelli. Curator Anna Isopo.
  • 2020 January : Venezia (Italy) .31/01 at 12/02/20
    Centro d’Arte San Vidal ( San Marco )VE
    ARTE A VENEZIA “Sguardi Contemporanei”
    Mostra Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea.
    Art critic : Silvia Previti.Curator Anna Isopo
  • Partecipation of :”Annuario d’Arte Moderna e Artisti Contemporanei “2020
    ACCA Edizioni. Roma Srl.
  • 2019: October Rome (Italy) 21/10 at 26/10/19
    Biblioteca  Angelica.Salone Monumentale
    “DIMENSIONE PARALELLE “Installation  RAW La settimana del arte Contemporanea Rome Art Week”
    Curator Roberta Melasecca.
  • 2017: October Rome (Italy) 09/10 at 14/10/17
    Biblioteca Angelica.Salone Monumentale
    “FUOCO ETERNITA SAPERE “ Installation.RAW La settimana del Arte Contemporaneo .Rome Art Week
  • 2017: June Rome  29/06/17participation in “La Girandola” – Piazza del Popolo –
    Curator :Francesca Barbi Marinetti.
  • 2017: May Rome (Italy) 24/05 at 10/06/17
    Biblioteca angelica Galleria.
    “FUOCO O DELLA RIGENERAZIONE” Personal Exibition  Paintings
    Art critic : Barbara Martusciello / Adriana Almada.
  • 2016: October Rome (Italy)  24 at 29/10/16   RAW La Settimana del Arte Contemporanea –
    Rome Art Week  Open Studio   Courtyard of Art.   Personal Exhibition Paintings.
  • 2013: August .”LIQUIDA” . Port of the Argonauts. Province of Matera.Workshop Residence.Show.
  • 2012: July  Rome (Italy) .Piazza di Spagna “VISIONE 3”: INART.
  • 2011: July .Rome (Italy) Piazza di Spagna “VISIONE 2” INART.
  • 2010: July.Rome (Italy) Piazza di Spagna “VISIONE 1” INART.