Argentine-Portuguese designer and artist.
His works range from Painting to Art Installation.

He also deals with Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Mobile Design,
Art Designs and Designs, Scenographies, Costumes, Art Design, Jewelery Design and Fashion Design.
He has collaborated with prestigious magazines, newspapers and television broadcasters,
theater productions, classical dance and contemporary dance shows.

Creator of various brands, has worked on the development of fashion collections and various products; he has worked on numerous graphic design projects.
In Argentina, Paraguay and Italy.

His researches, in painting and in environmental installations, focus on primordial and archetypal themes.
His work is to be understood as an extensive investigation into the four elements of nature as the roots of all immutable and eternal things.

Elements that are at the basis of processes of sensitive perceptions and knowledge flows, in the physical and metaphysical structure of man.

The four elements as the basis of real sensations are articulated in terms of Cohesion, Measurement of Space and Time – Water. Solidity and inertia – Earth. Expansion and Brightness – Air. Heat, completeness, totality and regeneration – Fire.

Chromaticity and chromatic energy, material vibrations and organic “texture” are its field of intervention.
He currently lives and works between Italy and Argentina.

Exhibitions made in italy:

  • 2019: October Participation in Raw – Shows “DIMENSIONI PARALLELE” Angelica Library. Rome from 21 October to 26 October

  • 2017: October Participation in Raw – Shows “Fuoco – Eternità – Sapere” Angelica Library. Rome from 9 October to 14 October

  • 2017: June 29 participation in “La Girandola” – Piazza del Popolo – Rome

  • 2017: May shows “Fire or Regeneration” Angelica Library. Rome from 24 May to 10 June.

  • 2016: Participation in Raw – Open Studio Courtyard of Art. Rome from 24 to 29/10/2016 Personal show: “Interior fire”

  • 2013: Liquida. Port of the Argonauts. Province of Matera.

  • 2012: Vision 3: INART. Piazza di Spagna. Rome.

  • 2011: Vision 2: INART. Piazza di Spagna. Rome.

  • 2010: Vision 1: INART. Piazza di Spagna. Rome.